Our mission is simple… to connect fans to the characters, stories and moments of the brands they know and love.

We built Curio because new technology makes the experience of being a fan that much better. Owning a physical collectible is cool. You can show it off to your friends and family. You can even take a picture of it and post on social. But now, the collectible itself can exist digitally. You can take it with you, share it, and be rewarded with exclusive access and experiences for being a fan. We’ve unleashed a new power for fandom.

Own a piece of content from your favorite television shows, graphic novels, movies or music in new formats such as character motion art, video clips, or 3D models. And every digital collectible is verifiable and authentic.

The team behind Curio has been collecting since the early 1990s. We’d love to show you all of our baseball and basketball cards, Magic: The Gathering decks, Pogs, concert posters and ticket stubs, and watches. That’s why we are so excited about the possibilities for digital collectibles. Combined with our decades of experience in entertainment and technology, we are building a platform to connect fans like ourselves to the characters and stories that entertain us, inspire us, bring us together, and teach us something profound about the world we live in.

Ben Arnon


  • 6th employee of Wildfire; scaled company to 400+ employees and acquisition by Google
  • 20+ years of experience in strategy, business development, and entrepreneurship in tech and media/entertainment

Ben Arnon's Previous Companies

Rikin Mantri


  • Entertainment and digital executive from Disney/ABC and William Morris (WME)
  • Operator with 20+ years of experience in strategy and business development
  • Computer Science and Film from Northwestern University, MBA from UCLA Anderson

Rikin Mantri's Previous Companies

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