Of Monsters, Of Blood, A Maiden of Death #5 of 11

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09/09/2021 11:32 AM UTC
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The Women of Heavy Metal

Bonus Item

In every world men and women commit countless depraved atrocities against the innocent time and time again. The good, gentle and honest suffer and die needlessly at the hands of monsters, who place themselves and their twisted desires above all and never expect to pay a price. But the wronged demand retribution, the defiled souls of the innocent scream for it and the Maiden rises in blood to answer their call. A virginal female, ensorcelled within a dream filled with enraged ghosts in an unknown world, awakens cursed as Maiden with but one desire... to wade in the blood of revenge for those so wronged. Haunting tales of unrelenting, unrepentant revenge, an epic mythos that spans time, worlds and genre, the horrifyingly tragic curse of the Maiden is written in the blood of many.

Challenge: Collect and hold all 10 NFTs from “The Women of Heavy Metal” collection by July 8, 2021 at 4PM PT and you’ll get this Legendary Challenge bonus NFT as a gift. The Legendary Challenge bonus NFT will be distributed by July 11, 2021.

You will receive a Legendary bonus NFT for each and every complete set. The edition number of your We Want You! will determine the edition number of your Legendary bonus NFT. For example, if you have the lowest We Want You! edition number among the set of collectors with the complete set, you’ll receive the #2 edition Legendary bonus NFT. The second lowest We Want You! edition number with a complete collection will receive the #3 edition Legendary bonus NFT, and on and on.

Acquire these NFTs on Curio or any other platform. Connect your browser-based wallet to Curio to ensure all 10 are in your portfolio to receive this Legendary bonus.

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