How It Works

What is Curio?

On Curio, you can purchase limited edition, exclusive digital collectibles in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Built on the Ethereum blockchain, these NFTs are authentic and verifiable.

Curio partners with the biggest names in entertainment to create officially-licensed digital collectibles that celebrate the characters and moments around the show or property. Each digital collectible brings together animations, video, music, and guaranteed authenticity.

Get Started

To get started, sign up to find out when a new Collection will be released. Each item within a collection will be made available at a specific time -- a Drop -- with a specific number of Editions.

When the collectibles sell out, we will not be releasing any more of that particular item and you will only be able to find that digital collectible for sale by other collectors on the Curio Exchange or an alternative marketplace such as Open Sea or Rarible. New digital collectibles drop every couple of days so sign up for emails and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know about the next drop.

What else?

Get unique Reward NFTs by completing Challenges. To be the first to get the Rewards, acquire and hold a complete Collection until the Challenge deadline. Once the Rewards are issued, no additional Rewards for that Challenge will be given out -- but you might find the Reward NFTs on the Exchange.

Curio is here to serve fans and make the collectible experience easy and fun. We are a marketplace for buying, showcasing and trading NFTs. Once in your portfolio, you can share it on social media, create a gallery of multiple NFTs, or sell it on the Exchange.

Sign up for email updates or follow us on Twitter or Instagram to be the first to learn about the next drop, live auctions, bonus gifts, or opportunity to earn rewards.

Have more questions?  Visit our FAQ, join our Discord, or send us a note via our Contact page.

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