Heavy Metal Covers Raffle

Status: Closed
Tickets sold: 2,921


User Amount Ticket # Time
user     Ankovolis 1,000 #1,922 - 2,921 09/02/2021 2:42 AM UTC
user     Cryptolinda 20 #1,902 - 1,921 09/01/2021 7:49 PM UTC
user     BitcoinJackal 650 #1,252 - 1,901 09/01/2021 7:05 PM UTC
user     GoodTrip 24 #1,228 - 1,251 09/01/2021 6:21 PM UTC
user     GalloCaballo 227 #1,001 - 1,227 08/31/2021 6:52 PM UTC
user     StallionSteve 1,000 #1 - 1,000 08/31/2021 5:57 AM UTC

Heavy Metal Covers Raffle

Raffle Entry Start: Friday, August 27 at 3 PM PT

Raffle Entry Ends: Thursday, September 2 at 9:30 AM PDT

This raffle contains 25 packs from the Heavy Metal: Covers - Series I Collection.



Redeem Heavy Metal Rewards Points for Raffle tickets
Curio Rewards points are earned by performing qualifying activities on the platform. (Learn more about how this works in our recent blog post.) If you purchased and held NFTs from the Women of Heavy Metal collection, you've earned Heavy Metal Reward points! See your points here.

Redeem your Heavy Metal Rewards Points for raffle tickets for a chance to win up to 25 packs from the new Heavy Metal: Covers - Series I Collection. Each pack contains one element of a cover. Collect all three elements from the same cover to "fuse" them together into a full cover.


  1. Heavy Metal points can be redeemed 1:1 for up to a maximum of 1,000 raffle tickets
  2. All raffle tickets are collected into a single pool and are eligible to be drawn to win packs
  3. Users can win multiple packs



Heavy Metal is the premier storyteller of cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Heavy Metal has continuously published its magazine since its first issue in 1977. Launched at a time when traditional comic book publishers were bound to strict censorship by the Comics Code Authority, established in 1954. Like MAD Magazine before them, Heavy Metal began as a magazine to circumvent such censorship. Today, with 40 years and the 300th issue of the magazine hitting shelves this summer, Heavy Metal continues its tradition in bringing cutting-edge and best-in-class storytelling to audiences worldwide.

Female leadership isn’t celebrated enough in modern western culture. Heavy Metal has always strived to position women as strong leaders and epic warriors. This female-led collection highlights our biggest heroine, Taarna, alongside Lex, the part-woman-part-machine on Heavy Metal cover #301. Collect all the elements of these covers to compose these female warriors as they battle within the Heavy Metal Universe.

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