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A loyalty program for the NFT community


Curio is a leading platform for digital collectibles (NFTs). Focused on mainstream brands and fans, Curio aims to bridge the gap between traditional media markets and emerging digital media platforms. The Curio platform encompasses Drops, the Exchange and Gallery tools targeted to both the crypto and non-crypto community.

At the heart of Curio is fandom. Our mission is simple… to connect fans to the characters, stories and moments of the entertainment brands they know and love. We believe that NFTs allow for a deeper connection between fans and creators, and establishes a two-way relationship between the brands and their fan bases.

We always ask ourselves “How can we reward fans for their loyalty and engagement with their favorite creators?” And for us that means allowing fans to truly own their fandom and their community. Inspired by various initiatives such as Reddit Community Points and Disney Movie Insiders, we are pleased to introduce the Curio Rewards™ program.

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What are curio rewards™?

Curio Rewards™ is a customer loyalty program designed to reward platform users for interacting with our community, be it with Drops, on the Exchange, on our Galleries, or simply by actively holding a Curio NFT. By rewarding fans for their loyalty with program points, we aim to support and empower the next generation of “super fans” to evangelize and share their favorite content across their social universe, reaching a new audience of digital natives via blockchain technology.

Reward Points are a way for fans to own a piece of their fandom and their favorite communities. Points can be spent on exclusive content, premium features or to gain access to exclusive social experiences to engage and reward super fans. Points also serve as a measure of reputation in the broader collector community, as a form of “proof of fandom”.

Ultimately points will be fully interoperable on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for fans to have full control and ownership over their fandom.

Curio NFT Drop Illustration - How do I earn points?

How do I earn rewards points?

Reward points are earned on the Curio platform and are designed to incentivize fans to actively use, share and evangelize the platform and NFT products. We have also incorporated various gamification drivers into the rewards program, including a “play-to-earn” mechanism that has proven successful in communities such as Gods Unchained and Axie Infinity.

Reward points are primarily earned by participating on the Curio platform in various activities, including:
  • Participating in NFT Drops
  • Trading on the Curio Exchange
  • Actively holding Curio NFTs in your account/wallet

Additional ways to earn reward points include social engagement, brand ambassadorship and creating user-generated content on the platform. Curio NFTs are meant to be shown-off and shared with friends, so we want to reward users who are actively “flexing” within their social networks. Whether it’s engaging with our Twitter or Discord channels, referring friends to the platform, or creating NFT galleries using our social tools -- we want to empower and reward “super fans” for doing what they love to do. We call this method “share-to-earn”, a form of “play-to-earn” that allows for a wider universe of fans to participate and engage with their favorite content creators.

What can I do with my reward points?

Reward points can be utilized in a number of different ways, including on purchasing exclusive content and premium features; gaining access to enhanced social experiences to engage and reward super fans; and voting on various new features and initiatives on the Curio platform.

Exclusive NFTs
  • Exclusive digital assets which can only be purchased with points (e.g. limited editions NFTs, display cases, badges and stickers, etc.)
  • Bonus raffles with entry limited to points holders
  • Special NFTs that can only be “upgraded” via points

Premium Membership / Fan Club Experiences
  • Early access to new product dropsv
  • Discounts on new product drops
  • Access to exclusive events only available to premium members

Community Voting
  • Voting on platform elements and new content releases
  • Voting on tier and model changes
  • Voting to grant awards to community members
  • Voting to lock up assets in a long-term vault for future usage

Additionally, since points will ultimately be fully interoperable on the Ethereum blockchain, users are able to take them off the Curio platform and use them for other purposes as well. Any 3rd party merchant can integrate Curio reward points onto their website to create additional value and utility for Curio users.

American Gods manuscript

Available Now!

You can use your points to enter the American Gods: The Manuscript raffle! The raffle is for 1 of 11 prizes from the American Gods: Motel America Collection, featuring a one-of-one physical manuscript of the novel "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, as well as 10 editions of the Epic bonus NFT, "The Jinn (Wishes)."

You must have "American Gods" branded reward points to participate in this raffle, and the only way to earn these points is by engaging with the American Gods NFT collection items. Raffle entries close on Monday, July 12th at 12 PM PT.

Additionally, we are releasing the two final NFTs from the American Psycho collection as Curio Points exclusive items, which can ONLY be purchased with points! The Epic NFTs: "Try Getting A Reservation At Dorsia Now" and "I Just Want To Fit In" will be on sale for 250 Curio Points. With only 50 editions of each NFT, they're sure to go quick! Both items drop Friday, July 9th at 12pm PDT.

What's Next

The Curio Rewards™ program is entering into its beta phase in Summer 2021. During this period, we will be working with beta testers, NFT influencers and other community members to finalize the rewards model and refine activity weight details.

We will be rolling out the full rewards program in 2 phases. First, we will be releasing it as an “in-game” system, allowing users on the platform to receive their points and earn rewards during the balancing period as we monitor for system abuses and adjust point weights as needed.

Once that phase has completed, we will update the system to be fully interoperable on Ethereum mainnet, and users will be able to export their points to their Ethereum wallets to gain full ownership of their fandom. During this phase we will also be working with 3rd party merchants, the developer community, and our brand partners on expanding the Curio ecosystem. We’re excited to see what the community develops over the course of time as we work together on creating the future of fandom!

Technical Details

Points Distributions

The total supply of Curio Rewards™ points is set at 100M, of which 50M will be distributed to the community during a 4 year period. During the initial roll-out of the program, there will be an upfront allocation of 1M points distributed to current platform users, to account for historical contributions and activities by the Curio community since the platform's launch. Additionally, there will also be portions set aside for participants of other leading NFT communities (e.g. BAYC, CryptoPunks, Axies, Hashmasks, etc.), as well as strategic partners in the media & entertainment industry.

Thereafter, a fixed amount of points are released each week, which are then distributed pro-rata among the platform users, based on qualifying actions, which have weight-values assigned to them. The amount of points earned by a user in a given week will be determined by two factors:

  • How many qualifying actions the user performed in a given week
  • How many qualifying actions all other users performed during the week

Initially, there will be 100,000 points distributed each week (with a ramp-up to 200,000 points per week shortly after launch). Current, there are 2 qualifying actions with the following weights:

  • Buy an NFT during a drop OR on the exchange that week: 50%
  • Actively hold Curio NFTs during the week: 50%

In other words:

  • A total of 50,000 points will be given to all users that buy an NFT in a drop OR on the exchange during the week
  • A total of 50,000 points will be given to all users that actively hold Curio NFTs during the week

These points are spread out over all users that perform the qualifying action. For example, if only one user buys an NFT during a drop OR on the exchange in the week then they will receive all 50,000 points allocated to this qualifying action. If 100 total users perform this action during the week, then each user will receive 5,000 points.

As a result of this weighting, users will earn more/less points for performing some actions over others. Additionally, in order to prevent manipulative behaviour, points distributed for exchange activity will also factor in volume weighted prices.

Because the amount of points earned is determined by all actions performed during a given week, points earned will be distributed only at the end of each week. Weeks are defined as Monday 00:00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59:59 UTC. Points are distributed the next day (Monday) at 5:00 PM UTC.

Types of points

Reward points that are earned will be “branded” to correspond with one of the many content partners featured on the Curio platform. For example, if a user buys an “American Gods” NFT during a drop then they will earn a certain number of “American Gods”-branded points.

There will also be a neutral form of points which do not correspond to a brand. These are simply Curio points.

Converting points

Branded points can be converted 1:1 for Curio points. This conversion ability can only be performed in one-direction. Curio points cannot be converted back into branded points.

There are a few reasons why a user may prefer branded points or Curio points.

Holding branded points are a measure of reputation and fandom for a specific collection. During and after drops by the content partner, exclusive items and experiences may become available only to users that have branded points.

Conversely, there will also be platform-level rewards and privileges that are only available to users that hold Curio points.

Further, all types of points may have their own leaderboards, each of which grant unique privileges to top performers in a given week.

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