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One of Curio’s core values and mission is to do more good. Curio is as invested in reducing impact on the environment as we are for cultivating growth for communities. In order to do more good, Curio strives to reduce our imprint with our sustainability practices as well as support communities by donating to causes aligned with our projects.

Social Good

Curio contributes to causes that foster economic development and improve quality of life for communities and society at large. We engage in social impact partnerships for each of our major campaigns and have donated at least 10% of sales to causes aligned with associated communities.


Of Sales Donated

Will Rogers Foundation

Over 90K Donated

Will Rogers Foundation:
Provides financial assistance and supportive counseling to those who work in theatrical exhibition who are experiencing hardship due to illness, accident or underemployment.

Black Girls Code

Donations still being collected

Black Girls Code:
Builds pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Donations still being collected

Atlanta Community Food Bank:
On a mission to end hunger in Atlanta, fighting hunger by engaging, educating and empowering our community.

Environmental Good

We understand and take seriously the concern over NFTs effect on the environment. Curio’s mission for good is aimed toward offsetting our environmental impact. In order to accomplish this we are aligned with the best practices and partnerships to operate a carbon negative platform.


Curio generates CO2 emissions from blockchain transactions when we mint new NFTs and when users export their Curio NFTs off of the Curio platform. We have taken specific steps to reduce emissions by addressing these two causes:

  1. “Lazy minting” process to reduce emissions: We mint our NFTs in batches at times of low Ethereum usage to ensure that less energy is used.
  2. Trading Curio NFTs on the Curio Exchange doesn’t cause emissions: When you buy and sell an NFT on Curio, you’re not initiating a new Ethereum transaction and therefore not generating additional carbon emissions. This further reduces our carbon impact.

Curio’s NFTs are far more energy efficient than independently minted NFTs and generate 2% of the emissions of a typical NFT minted on Ethereum. For context, when Curio mints an NFT it generates carbon emissions equivalent to sending ~17 emails with attachments.

When Curio mints an NFT it generates carbon emissions equivalent to:

Sending ~ 17 emails with attachments

Planting Trees

Though a seemingly simple act, planting trees has immensely positive impacts for the environment. From absorbing harmful carbon emissions in the atmosphere to enhancing biodiversity and wildlife to decreasing pollution, trees are scientifically proven to reduce the overall effects of climate change.

When we plant a tree, on average we’re offsetting 48 lbs (or ~22 KG) of CO2 per year. Over the 40 year lifetime of the tree, this offsets about 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide.

As of September 1, 2021, Curio has planted 12,760 trees, which corresponds to an annual offset of approximately 277,816 KG of CO2. This is about 300% of the emissions generated by Curio minting NFTs. Over the life of the trees, these trees will offset over 11 million KG of CO2.


Trees Planted


of the emissions generated by Curio minting NFTs

Curio is completely carbon negative

To Curio, it’s not enough to do less harm, we aspire to do more good.

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